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    • International perceptions of animals and the importance of their welfare 

      Sinclair, Michelle; Lee, Natasha Y. P.; Hötzel, Maria José; De Luna, Maria Catalina; Sharma, Arvind; Idris, Musadiq; Derkley, Tessa; Li, Congcong; Islam, Mohammad Ariful; Iyasere, Oluwaseun Serah; Navarro, Grisel; Ahmed, Abdelkareem A.; Khruapradab, Chanadda; Curry, Michael; Burns, Georgette Leah; Marchant, Jeremy N. (Frontiers Media, 2022-08-18)
      Our perceptions shape our intentions, our motivations, our behavior, and in doing so, our reality. In this age of the Anthropocene, our perceptions also impact the lives and welfare of other animals. One of the key principles ...